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Bicyclist Matthew Carp Killed by Car in Menifee Accident

MENIFEE (July 23, 2014) – Bicyclist Matthew Carp was fatally struck by a car on Wednesday.

Carp was killed while riding his bicycle on Domenigoni Parkway, east of Lindenberger Road.  He was struck from behind by a car around 5:20 p.m. and was killed instantly from the impact.  A friend who was riding with him was a few feet ahead of him, he was identified as Stephen Kaas. The friend heard the collision and saw Carp ejected from his bicycle.  The bicyclists were in designated and marked bicycle lanes when the accident happened.

Carp was 55 years old and lived in Menifee.

The driver of the car that struck Matthew Carp was identified as 23 year old Luis Aranda Llamas from San Jacinto.  He was driving an Acura at the time.  Llamas was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and having false license plate.  He can be charged with the wrongful death of Matthew Carp.


One comment

  1. give this person Luis Aranda Llamas 20 to 30 years for killing Matthew
    Carp. give him lots of time to think how much hurt he gave matthew family
    and friends

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