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24th Jan 2014


Meet the attorney
If you are having to face a complicated injury claim, you should seek the advice from a personal injury attorney or personal injury lawyer. There are an increasing number of legal clinics or legal service organizations where an attorney does not handle your case. Ask to meet with the attorney. If you can’t, find another lawyer

Ask about Education and Experience
Ideally, you want an attorney who has graduated from an accredited law school and who specializes in the area of law in which you are seeking help. Law is becoming increasing specialized and the jack of all trades lawyer is probably no the best person for the job. Look for someone who has experience in representing those who have been injured (called plaintiffs) in personal injury claims. Do not be afraid to ask if they have testimonials or a strong settlement history. The more information you can initially gather, will certainly help improve the outcome of your case.

Personality and Communication
Hire an attorney who will spend time working with you and explaining the process. If the attorney is patient and willing to spend time with you, you will end up happier with the results because you will understand. Be honest in your communication at all times so the attorney can use his expertise to correctly represent your case. The outcome is dependent on this and in the long run will lessen your anguish.

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