Pedestrian Accident Attorney Los Angeles, CA

Pedestrian AccidentSouthern California has a myriad of tourist spots, many of which cater to pedestrians. From the Dodgers and Angels baseball stadiums to the sports arenas and convention centers in Los Angeles and Anaheim; from Universal City to Disneyland, from the live theater in downtown Los Angeles to the local cinemas all over the metropolis, people are out walking everywhere.  Downtown Los Angeles is also increasingly becoming more pedestrian-friendly with many new stores and restaurants opening up.  We are also blessed to sit on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach to be found anywhere in the world.

Therefore, it is not uncommon that one of the most frequent calls to our office for pedestrian accident attorneys involve people being struck down by cars, motorcycles, trucks, and bicycles while walking.  A pedestrian accident usually involves personal injury,  and some type of negligence on the part of the vehicle and should the pedestrian suffer a serious injury, an attorney can assist in making an insurance claim.

Crosswalk and Other Pedestrian Accidents

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of pedestrian accident or injury, we want you to know that you have come to the right place. At Injury Law Central, highly qualified lawyers from the El Dabe Law Firm are dedicated and ready to help personal injury victims suffering from pain and other injuries.  It is our belief you deserve the best representation for your case. Negligent people, companies, and businesses should be held fully accountable for their actions. A pedestrian accdient personal injury attorney from Injury Law Central will do whatever it takes to obtain justice for you.

Whether operating a truck, car, SUV, motorcycle or bicycle, a driver’s error can lead to a pedestrian accident. Collisions causing pedestrian injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways, and usually via distracted driving.

  • Disregarding a Crosswalk - Not paying attention to crosswalks, whether at intersections or at other points in the roadway, create a significant risk of possible pedestrian accidents. Looking both ways before you cross does not just apply to walkers crossing the street. Drivers should also exercise appropriate care to observe that pedestrians in the roadway.
  • Disregarding a Traffic Control Device - There are static signs and electronic indicators, both of which warn people to be aware of pedestrian traffic. When drivers ignore traffic controls, particularly those which specifically relate to people on foot, they significantly increase the chances of an pedestrian accident.
  • Disregarding a Pedestrian Already Crossing the Roadway - Yielding to a pedestrian is the law. When a pedestrian in the roadway ahead of a car is obviously crossing the road, or has entered the driver’s lane while in the process of crossing the road, drivers should exercise appropriate caution and should yield as necessary to avoid collision.
  • Driving While Intoxicated - Drunk drivers pose a high risk of injury to pedestrians, and there are many notorious cases where drunk drivers have caused accidents, striking pedestrians on sidewalks…not even on the roadway. Never drink and drive!
  • Passing a School Bus - Drivers are tempted to attempt to hurry by or ignore the red, flashing overhead lights on a school bus. Passing of a school bus creates a high risk of injury to children who may be disembarking from the bus.

Pedestrian Accident Resources

Crosswalk Accidents: Vehicle Laws to Remember if You’re Struck

It’s possible to see plenty of crosswalk accidents when you’re out shopping for the holiday season, particularly in Southern California. With hit and runs in that region increasing, the thought of being hit while in a crosswalk is a terrifying thought in its implications. But you should be aware of your rights and the laws of particular vehicles when a driver was at fault. These laws are going to play a major part in determining whether you get the compensation you deserve after experiencing possibly life-altering injuries.

Dealing with Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers

A scary situation to be in is when you’re hit in a crosswalk accident by someone who has either no insurance or not enough insurance. In these scenarios, your car insurance might still be able to pay you compensation for incurred injuries. You might not think that’s possible if you weren’t actually behind the wheel yourself or the other person doesn’t have insurance. Fortunately, many auto policies provide this option and can give you quicker compensation when you need it to help pay for medical expenses.

Your personal injury attorney can help you work with your auto insurance company to gain this compensation. You can also gain additional compensation later if filing a lawsuit against the person who hit you.

Being Hit by a Commercial Truck

If you were hit by a commercial truck while in a crosswalk, that driver is going to have more scrutiny on what went wrong. That’s because truck drivers have numerous regulations they have to commit to in the realm of driving technique. They have to consider truck blind spots, equipment failures, turning radius, plus rate of approach. All of these can contribute toward why you might be hit in a crosswalk by a commercial truck or vehicle.

Your personal injury attorney may start a personal investigation into what happened if the initial police reports aren’t satisfactory. The truck driver will get much more careful analysis on whether he or she violated the above regulations. And because a truck in a city environment will stand out, witnesses will likely be available if not even nearby cameras capturing the accident.

Paying Attention When in Crosswalks

Here at El Dabe Law Firm, we’re a personal injury firm that can gain you compensation if you happened to be severely injured in a crosswalk accident. However, we want you to be safe during the holiday season. That’s why when you’re out shopping, always pay attention when crossing a street, no matter if the crosswalk sign says it’s safe. Cars and trucks can still hit you if they aren’t paying attention or a vehicle malfunction happens.

If you’ve been in a crosswalk accident, you deserve compensation for those medical bills that will be coming in after the holidays. Contact us so we can review your case and help you get your life back in order. We’ll get you up to speed on other California vehicle laws that drivers should follow when they encounter a crosswalk full of busy shoppers.