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Taryn Hawk of Huntington Beach Killed in Motorcycle Accident

LONG BEACH (July 26, 2013) – Huntington Beach resident Taryn Hawk was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on Friday while riding his motorcycle.  The accident happened in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach around 8:43 p.m. at the intersection of Glendora Avenue and 2nd Street.  Hawk and his good friend, Joseph Daroza, also of Huntington Beach, were riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles east on 2nd street when they were struck. According the early reports, they were attempting to cross Glendora Avenue and the light was green at the time.  A 2005 Toyota Sequoia attempted to turn left in front of them and struck them both.  It is likely that the driver of the Toyota was distracted.

Glendora Avenue and 2nd Street intersection

Glendora Avenue and 2nd Street intersection

Taryn Hawk died at the scene.  He was 35 years old.  An employee of Sole Technology, an athletic shoe and apparel company, his coworkers have expressed shock.  According to a friend, Hawk was on his way to visit with family after work.  The other motorcyclist involved, 30 year old Joseph Daroza was taken to a local hospital with some injuries but has since been released.

The driver of the Toyota that struck the two motorcyclists has been identified as 68 year old Nicholas Limer of Long Beach.  He is an owner of a local restaurant, McKenna’s on the Bay in Long Beach.

Police have not made any arrests as of yet as an investigation is still ongoing.  However, if Nicholas Limer is found liable for the accident, the family of Taryn Hawk will have the right to file a lawsuit against him and his insured for the wrongful death of Taryn Hawk.  Limer could face criminal charges if the District attorney deems he was grossly negligent.  The Long Beach Police Department said it is planning to present the case to the Los Angeles County D.A. for criminal charges against Nicholas Limer.  A District Attorney may still press charges against a driver if a driver operates his vehicle in such a manner that it is reckless.


  1. Taryn Hawk was a great friend, a family man, a kind soul, and one of the most selfless people I had the pleasure to know. Our hearts are all heavy.

  2. Hello Jaime
    Sadly my friends and I witnessed the sad accident on Friday night, we were at Dogz. We stayed till late. We witnessed him passing and that was very hurtful to all of us, although we do not know him, and back then we didn’t even know of his name. It's beyond sad . May he rest in peace : (

  3. Taryn Hawk was an amazing guy. His smile was infectious & his generous spirit will truly be missed. RIP Taryn xoxo

  4. I was a neighbor of his since he was born. I am very sad and shocked by this. He was a sweet boy. I just can't believe this.

  5. We have known Nick Limer for over 30+ years. We have always found him to be a very sensitive and caring person. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him in this tragedy. He would never intentionally hurt anyone. His life has always been centered around his family and I know that he is sharing the grief incurred by the victims family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him as he deals with this tragedy.
    Len and Cheryl Miller.

  6. I'm sure he was a wonderful person as you say with no intentions of hurting anyone; however, the fact is someone died due to his negligence and /or willful disregard for the law and the other drivers he was sharing the road with. Therefore, there must be consequences. Too many distracted drivers are on the road doing everything else except driving their vehicles and it MUST STOP. A car is a deadly weapon more so than a gun. A single car can take out an entire family in one shot. Would there be a question if he had been waving a loaded gun around that "accidentally" discharges. They are one and the same scenarios…he was in control of a deadly weapon and his lack of responsibility while handling that weapon resulted in a death and WE CANNOT IGNORE THAT…I'm to talking to all of you…fellow citizens, lawmakers, officials, etc. There must be consequences for the recklessness and negligence which most people seem to be displaying these days.

  7. In reading this article, here and elsewhere… along with comments, it sounds to me like a horribly tragic event- for both victim and offender. It is a reminder to us all to be very careful when we are driving. While there are investigations going on, the reports sound like Limer made a driving error, like most of us do every day.

    I have been the victim of 5 people who have made similar errors and have had my life forever altered by each… some more than others… two, with more negligence than the others. The most severe one was not one who was particularly driving badly. He just made a mistake. His insurance co paid and the matter was settled. My life was forever limited. But it does NOT mean that he should have been thrown in jail. If I had died, he still didn't commit a crime. This is why we call them accidents.

    A car can be used as a weapon and is often more lethal than a gun. But a car is used for transportation. It is not the same as carrying a loaded firearm. (An "accidental" – or more accurately, a negligent discharge by a person waving around a loaded gun is someone not following the well known safety rules of anyone trained to handle a gun. In the first 5 minutes of training, before ever touching the gun, the person is generally quizzed on the 4 safety rules- Always assume the gun is loaded; always be aware of the target and what is beyond; never point the gun at something you are not willing to shoot; and never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.) Your analogy has the person breaking every safety rule at once. So it really does not relate to an error in a car that produces these horrible results.

    As sad as it is, even the most responsible motorcyclists assume the risk that when they are in an accident, they have a high likelihood of severe injury or death. It appears this is the tragic reality of what happened here.

    Sometimes there is no great evil that causes great loss. My Condolences to all.

  8. How about suing the city of Long Beach also for that stupid green paint they have on the bike lane that make the street extremely slippery especially when it's wet! Who's the genius behind this joke!!??
    I know three of my bikers friends that crashed because of it.
    I'm a biker that lives in Belmont Shores for 17 years and have been riding for over 30 years and I know for a fact that Mr. hawk could be still with us now if that green stupid paint wasn't there, look at the skid marks, he could have stopped sooner!!!
    My heart goes out to the bikers families, RIP my brother .

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