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Ryan Turner killed in Orange County Motorcycle Accident with FedEx Truck

GARDEN GROVE, CA (October 3, 2013) – Early in the morning of October 3, 2013, Corona resident Ryan Turner was killed in a motorcycle accident in Garden Grove.  The other vehicle involved was a FedEx delivery truck.  The motorcycle and truck collided at on Orangewood Avenue in Garden Grove.

Motorcycle accidents are more common during nighttime hours, when motorists are less likely to see motorcycles on the road.  Also, there is a higher percentage of drivers on the road at nigh who also have alcohol in their system.  It is not known if alcohol played a factor in this collision.

Police are investigating the cause of the collision.

FedEx trucks typically carry commercial insurance policies, which provide adequate coverage for any accidents they cause.  Unlike most California drivers who unfortunately carry only minimum coverage limits of $15,000 per accident, FedEx Trucks carry insurance policies that many exceed $1,000,000.

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