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Edmond El Dabe Discusses Brain Injury Recovery

As legal experts, we must speak in terms of hope…however we have to build realistic expectations from the very beginning. Certainly the question arises; “Besides suing the possible parties involved that may have led to this dilemma, what else can be done?” Surprisingly, there are several areas in which truly qualified attorneys might assist that are directly related to improvement following brain injury. These areas include  Making certain of the ... Read More »

Edmond El Dabe addresses the “Tough Love” Truths about Brain Injury Recovery

Injury Law Central knows the saying “Hope springs eternal” trumpets no truer than when a loved one incurs a traumatic brain injury. Be it via leading edge science and technology, skilled physicians, breakthrough medications or heartfelt prayer and miracles, we hope against hope for the best. As attorneys, our empathy and sympathy for you is sincere. Yet, our pragmatism must ground us and help you focus. The truth revealed is ... Read More »

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