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Pedestrian Guadalupe Chavez Struck Fatally in Highland Park Crosswalk

HIGHLAND PARK (January 26, 2014) – Pedestrian Guadalupe Chavez succumbed to injuries she received when crossing a street on Friday with her family members.

At around 8:12 a.m., Chavez and four others were struck by a car as they were crossing Avenue 57 and Meridian Street near Yorkdale Elementary School.  She was with her daughter and three grandchildren at the time, on their way to dropping the kids off to school.  Chavez was rushed to a nearby hospital but died on Sunday due to her traumatic injuries.  She was 52 years old.  Her 10 year old grandaughter, Marina Carrillo, was hospitalized with critical injuries.  The other injured parties include 7 year old Angel Carrillo, 8 year old Itahty Guzman and their 33 year old mother Lilliana Chavez.

The driver has been identified as 87 year old individual, Seymour Saunders.  If an investigation finds him liable for the accident, he can be held responsible for the wrongful death of Gaudalupe Chavez.  Pedestrians in marked crosswalks have the right of way and drivers must stop to let them through.

Our condolences go out to the family of Guadalupe Chavez in her untimely passing.


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