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Pedestrian Graciela Sanchez Struck and Killed by Car in Santa Ana

SANTA ANA ( June 17, 2013) – Graciela Sanchez was died on Monday while she was crossing a street in Santa Ana.  The pedestrian accident happened in the morning around 10:47 a.m.  Graciela Sanchez was in the crosswalk on Sullivan Street in the process of crossing 1st Street walking eastbound.  Reportedly, a white Volkswagen sedan ran a red light and struck Sanchez.  Local paramedics rushed the Santa Ana resident to UCI Medical Center in Orange where she later succumbed to her injuries.  She was 56 years old.

1st Street at Sullivan Street  intersection

1st Street at Sullivan Street intersection

The driver of the Volkswagen, a young woman, remained at the scene and spoke with investigating officers.  Police interviewed her, and determined she was not under the influence, although they did determine she was at fault for the collision. Witnesses reported the driver was speeding through the street, driving over the designated speed limit.  

The Orange County District Attorney may charge the driver with negligent homicide.   If convicted, she will owe restitution to the family of the deceased woman.  The driver’s insurance company is also liable for the collision to the family of Graciela Sanchez.  Her family must bring a wrongful death lawsuit within 2 years of the accident.

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