Thursday , 21 February 2019
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ORIGOSafe Takes Phone Out of Drivers’ Hands to Prevent Texting

Distracted driving from mobile phone text messaging and handheld phone use is a serious safety concern for drivers and pedestrians on today’s roads. The cost of crashes due to handheld cell phone use alone is $43 BILLION annually, while 28% of all crashes each year involve cell phone use. ORIGOSafe is a new device that takes a unique approach to help prevent accidents from texting while driving — phones must remain in the docking station to start the car and drive.

ORIGOSafe reduces the risk of accidents and injuries from distracted driving due to handheld cell phone use. Drivers must plug in their mobile phone into the ORIGOSafe device located in the center console in order to actually start the car, which prevents them from sending and reading text messages on the road. Drivers can still safely use their phone, it just prevents them from physically holding it.

Drivers can still make and receive phone calls with the ORIGOSafe via Bluetooth connection, ensuring that the driver continues to have safe hands-free communications with others from behind the wheel. The device also charges the phone when safely docked as it keeps drivers focused on the road instead of their cell phones.

ORIGOSafe has additional safety measures built in to prevent users from using the phone after a car has been started. If a phone is removed from the docking station during vehicle operation, an alarm will sound until the phone is replaced and a safety alert is sent to the assigned Administrator (such as a parent, manager, etc.). The driver will then be unable to start the car again until the Administrator reauthorizes their phone. Administrators have the ability to set time limits, add and change the number of users/phones, and customize codes as needed.

ORIGOSafe is ideal for concerned families looking to ensure safety of their loved ones behind the wheel, and also for companies looking to secure the safe operation of their fleet of vehicles while reducing liability. The device also works as an effective anti-theft device.

ORIGOSafe is available now for only $279 plus installation.

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