Wednesday , 21 November 2018
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Motorcyclist Eric Strzelczyk Dies in Palm Springs Hit and Run

Motorcyclist Eric Strzelczyk Dies in Palm Springs Hit and Run

Palm Springs – Motorcyclist Eric Strzelczyk lost his life early Sunday after being involved in a hit and run accident.

Strzelczyk, who was traveling east on East Palm Canyon Drive, was struck by a white 1991 Ford Ranger pickup around 4:30 a.m.  The pickup made a left turn at Camino Real, in front of Strzelczyk.  The driver of the pickup abandoned the car and fled the scene of the accident.

Strzelczyk, who was wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene.  The Bermuda Dunes resident was 29 years old.  He was a former Air Force Sergeant.  Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Eric Strzelczyk.

Eric Strzelczyk

Eric Strzelczyk

According to California law, a driver is obligated to stop if he or she is involved in a car accident where someone has been injured.  Not stopping or fleeing the scene of an accident, especially where someone was killed, is a punishable crime that will result in state prison.  A driver who has caused a fatal accident should turn himself or herself in to authorities as soon as possible.

Attorney Edmond El Dabe states “In my experience, the hit and run driver frequently ‘runs’ because they want to avoid further criminal charges.  They might be drunk, high or something else.  They leave the scene to avoid being tested.”  Police should make efforts to find the owner and/or driver of the car as soon as possible.  Even a late blood test may reveal the presence of alcohol or drugs in the hit and run driver’s system, from which an expert can reverse extrapolate the amount at the time of the collision.

Anyone who knows of the identity of the driver of the white Ford pickup that killed Eric Strzelczyk with possible front end damage should contact Palm Springs Police Department at (760) 323-8116.

UPDATE:  Police are looking for the hit and run driver.  Witness  Bryon Wetzel drove by after the collision occurred and came upon the scene, to see the suspects car sitting in the intersection, the vehicle still running.  There was pool cleaning equipment in the car.  Police are still investigating.

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