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Matthew Mayes of Huntington Beach Killed in Westminster Motorcycle Accident

WESTMINSTER (August 9, 2013) – Thursday night, a motorcycle accident claims the life of Matthew Mayes, a Huntington Beach resident.  The accident occurred when the motorcycle collided with another vehicle on Beach Boulevard at McFadden Avenue, a busy intersection in the heart of Westminster.

Matthew Mayes, 26 years old, was riding his motorcycle at 10:26 p.m., when he was injured in the accident.  He died at the scene.

The Westminster Police Department is investigating the cause of the collision and will check both parties for signs of drugs or alcohol.  Motorcycle accidents are common because drivers of cars are not always looking for motorcyclists and assume that if they don’t see a car, then its safe to proceed.

Motorcycles are unlike cars in that they have very limited safety features. As a result, insurance companies often try to find a number of loopholes that they can use to deny compensation to a victim of an accident. The amount of effort that insurance companies dedicate to finding grounds to deny a payment or settlement is astonishing.  In this case, even if the police find Matthew Mayes at fault, there may be grounds to pursue the driver of the automobile based on comparative negligence.

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  1. What a creep. There's a picture of you with a gigantic smile next to Matthew's death announcement. Poor taste. If you're rubbing your hands together with greed at the thought of the money you can make from the poor kid's death you could at least do it without a smile. Disgusting.

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