Wednesday , 23 January 2019
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Jet Ski Accidents

Los Angeles Jet Ski Accidents

Jet skis, also called personal water crafts, are very enjoyable forms of entertainment and sport for many individuals in Orange County. During the summer months, you can see many Jet Ski riders zipping around lakes and oceans having the time of their lives. Unfortunately, a fun day on the water can quickly turn tragic and many people suffer injuries in Jet Ski accidents every year in California. Many people have the misconception that Jet Ski riders themselves are responsible for causing the majority of accidents that occur, but in reality there are many different things that can cause a Jet Ski accident. If you have been injured in a Jet Ski accident, and you believe someone else to be responsible for causing it, you should speak with an Orange County injury attorney at our firm about making a claim.

Attorney Representing Jet Ski Accident Victims in Orange County

Jet Ski accidents cause far greater injury than other boating mishaps. Boating accidents involving Jet Skis are almost twice as likely to involve injuries as accidents involving other kinds of water craft.

Victims of Jet Ski accidents sustain more closed-head injuries, trauma to the chest and abdominal injuries than victims of boating accidents. Jet Skis accidents are similar to motorcycle accidents in the way that riders have no protection from the elements when a crash occurs.

A majority of Jet Ski accidents occur when riders strike an object with their jet skis. Riders are usually ejected from the vehicle during a collision and victims are more susceptible to hitting the obstacle or other boats involved in the collision. Often times other boats, swimmers, and jet skiers can be careless or reckless and can move right in a jet skiers path, causing them to wreck. When another person’s negligence causes a Jet Ski accident and someone is injured as a result, a lawsuit can be filed to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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