Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Uber Mobile App:Injury Law Central Warns Passengers About Uber

Have you been involved in an accident while taking an Uber Car?
Call the El Dabe Law Firm to find proper insurance coverage.

Do you LOVE Uber? Uber and other rideshare programs are very popular right now as an alternative to traditional taxi cabs. All over California, from San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego, the big craze right now is Uber. With the tap of your finger on a smartphone app, a clean, privately-owned and driven vehicle is summoned right to you. The driver is clean and well-dressed. Many times the cars are black luxury cars. They charge based on GPS mileage and tipping is discouraged. It seems like a great alternative to taxi and what is there not to love?

While regular taxis are a nightmare much of the time, Uber cars may have a hidden risk. Because the Uber cars are not licensed or regulated like taxis, they are not required to carry the same insurance coverage. That may not seem like much a big deal, unless you are involved in a serious collision and seriously injured.

Attorney Edmond El Dabe thinks you should consider a few things before getting in the Uber car.

Traditional Insurance Policies may not cover you, the passenger, if you your driver is charging you for the ride, i.e. using their car as a business. They might exclude the driver from coverage because the driver is using their car for an unregulated business.

If you injured in a crash while in an Uber car, and suffer serious personal injury, who will cover the medical bills? The question of who foots the bill after someone gets crippled in a rideshare wreck is one of many accompanying the rise of unregulated app-connected cabs. Customers hailing a car through Uber have nowhere to turn in the event of a bad encounter.

A Personal Injury in a bad accident while in an Uber car could leave you at curbside without options. Insurance may ignore you. Yes, even your own insurance may turn you away because your own car is not involved.

The good news is that California regulators are now in the process of approving the companies, but only if the companies demonstrate they comply with basic insurance requirements and have safety measures in place. New regulations being proposed would require Uber drivers to undergo background checks, obtain driver training, require a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol and carry insurance policies with a minimum of $1 million in coverage.

If you have been involved in an accident while a passenger in an Uber car, call El Dabe Law Firm. Our injury law experts will take proper steps to investigate all possible insurance coverage and obtain a fair recovery for your bills and injuries.

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