Thursday , 21 February 2019
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Female Pedestrian Hang Vu Dies When Struck by Car

Westminster – Pedestrian Hang Vu died on Sunday after being struck down by a car while she was visiting a Westminster shopping center.

The incident occurred at around 10:20 a.m. at 9221 Bolsa Avenue at the Dong Supermarket in Westminster.  Vu was struck by a blue Honda Accord.  The male driver of the Honda jumped the curb and drove his car into a business, striking Vu and another female pedestrian.

9221 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster

9221 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster

Parking lot accidents happen when a driver is either driving to fast in a parking lot or the driver mistakenly hits the gas instead of the brakes.  Investigators should also preserve evidence regarding the construction and design of the parking lot as the property owner may be contributorily negligent.  For example, were the curbs built to code (i.e. to prevent cars from entering pedestrian walkways)?  Also, are there concrete posts in front of the parking spots to prevent cars from driving into the businesses?

Hang Wu was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange County but was pronounced dead from his injuries soon after arriving there.  Wu, a Westminster resident, was 60 years old.  Our condolences go out to her family and friends for her unnecessary death.  Witnesses should contact the Westminster Police Department which is the investigating agency at (714) 898-3315.

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