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Diyarbek Uzakbaev Struck and Killed by DUI driver in Temecula

Diyarbek Uzakbaev Struck and Killed by DUI driver in Temecula

TEMECULA (September 20,  2013) – Diyarbek Uzakbaev, 7 years old, was struck by a car last week in Temecula in Old Town Temecula in a car versus pedestrian accident.    The boy has just gotten ice cream when he started to cross the street and was struck by a pick up truck driven by Bradley Amor Megginson Jr. of Temecula, who was later arrested.  Megginson, 25, was arrested for manslaughter and driving under the influence.Diyarbek Izakbaev

The collision occurred at 5:02 p.m. Sunday in the 29000 block of Pujol Street.  Riverside police are still determining the cause of the collision.  They have stated the boy ran out from behind a parked car, but it is not known if the accident was avoidable.  Studies show that perception and reaction time of drivers is slowed down while driving under the influence.

After the collision, Diyarbek Uzakbaev was transported to Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta, where doctors pronounced him deceased.

Diyarbek Uzakbaev is surviuved by his brother, a first grader at Vail and his parents, Nuratdin and Lola Amankulor.  Under California law, they have a claim for wrongful death against Bradley Amor Megginson, the registered owner of the car and their insurance company.

Donors can make deposits to contribute towards the family’s expenses at any Wells Fargo Bank branch. For cash, use account No. 3451570190. For checks, deposit to account No. 6451481763 under the name Nuratdin Amankulov.

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