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Client Testimonials

Only go through El Dabe if you want the best. We had a nightmare situation with our last “attorney”. We were hit head on by a drunk driver on parole for….drunk driving. This nightmare situation grew worse because of our previous “attorney”. We canned our old “attorney” and went with El Dabe. The best move I’ve ever made. Only go through El Dabe if you want the following:

  1. Surpasses all expectation of client service
  2. Professional team answering all your woes anytime you have a question.
  3. Piece of mind knowing they will do an amazing job

If none of the above is what you want in a law firm I will give you the number of our previous attorney.

-Anthony D., Long Beach

I am a teenager who got in a car accident. El Dabe law firm did everything they could to help me get the largest settlement possible and they were very successful. They were very respectful and treated me like I was family. I highly recommend them for anyone that has been in a accident and is looking for compensation for your loses.

-Elijah W., Long Beach

Simply put, these guys are the best. My wife and I were in a bad motorcycle accident when a driver not paying attention pulled out in front of us. After spending some time in the hospital we had no idea how to proceed, so we sought out El Dabe to help. They walked us through everything step by step and were so helpful and nice along the way. Tim, one of the case managers, was especially great and we really appreciate all the work he did for us.

I would recommend this firm to anyone, as they really came through for us and I’m certain they would do the same for you.

-Deven D., Huntington Beach

I was in a car accident in March, where was I rear-ended on the Freeway and my car was totaled. I was scared of all the medical bills to come and treatment that I needed so I found El Dabe Law Firm on Yelp to help me. All of the staff at his office are very courteous, hard working, and quick to respond. I felt as though, all my questions were answered and that they took great care of me. I kow that they were able to represent me well and got me a great settlement. Although, I wish I had never had the accident, I’m fortunate that I was able to meet Edmund and his staff.

I learned some valuable lessons working with this team and even learned that you can not trust all dr’s out there, which is unfortunate! Thank you Michael, Tim, and Edmund. I’ll be referring any friends if I need to in the future, should the need arise.

Michelle W., Costa Mesa

I’ve been fortunate enough to not need an attorney too many times, but when I needed one El Dabe law firm was recommended by a friend.

I’m a pretty smart guy, but admit that It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed or confused by legal jargon. Not the case here. Sherif listened before he spoke. Made sure I understood before finalizing any decisions and made me feel like a valued client.

I dont think I would’ve ever imagined myself writing a positive review for a law firm, but this place is special.

Tamer K., Los Angeles

It is so hard to find a good lawyer nowadays! And by good, I don’t only mean competent, I mean, nice and sincere! Edmond El Dabe is not only a great lawyer but he is also a great person! He will listen to you, and give you an honest suggestion, in order to resolve your issue. He is sincere and clearly cares for his clients. I would give him my highest recommendation!

Olianna P., West Hollywood

Recently got into a motorcycle accident because of a driver not paying attention. My wife was injured pretty badly along with myself. I wouldn’t normally have thought to go to a lawyer but I’m glad I did. I never would have been able to sort through the mess of medical bills and get them paid if it weren’t for El Dabe. These guys are great and will do everything they can to make sure you are taken care of. I have never used a lawyers services before, but I’m positive I was spoiled by my experience here because there is no way everyone can be as great. Thanks again for everything.

Deven D., Huntington Beach

I was rear-ended pretty good on the 605 freeway and the other driver told his insurance that I cut him off. Yeah right. And his insurance company, Mercury, believed him and denied my claim. Guess who my insurance company was…Mercury. So somehow my own company did not want to take responsibility and pay for my car and medical bills EVEN THOUGH I WAS REAR-ENDED!!! I didn’t even want to hire an attorney at first, but I had too. I was not looking forward and I did not think it would be a positive experience but it was and here is why: 1) I actually got to talk to my lawyer, 2) his staff knew about my case and 3) i got a pretty good settlement and my entire file in pdf after the case was wrapped up. It took about 16 months for the case to wrap up, but i guess that is how long this stuff takes.

Gabriel A., Los Angeles

Although Edmond hasn’t represented me for an injury related case, he has however represented me on a few other different things, and I really like his work. He’s a sharp guy, very attentive to details, doesn’t waste time, and most importantly, gets the job done!

He’s also very creative in approaching different case scenarios, and usually offers a unique point of view which I wouldn’t have considered if trying to handle the case on my own.

What like best is that he’s on top of everything, he calls me back right-away and replies to e-mails within a day or two.

I would go back to him, and usually call him first if I need any type of lawyer.

One draw-back is that he can sometime he can be very short on the phone, but at least he usually takes the call…

Nate A., Los Angeles

I got into a hit & run car accident on 12/8/11, my car was totaled and sever whiplash on my neck. Seeking for a lawyer & found Mr.El Dabe on Yelp. I can’t be happier to have an expert like Mr. El Dabe on my side to help me go through the process. Car accident is very stressful & very depressing but El Dabe staff are very professional & very present people to talk to (special thanks to Tim), I’m still in the middle of my process & so far so great!!

Akiko S., Signal Hill

THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!!!! Get in a car accident? Drinking and Driving? Any Personal Injury Matters? The El Dabe Law Firm is a Law Firm that not only provides excellent customer service with both its strategic communication and emphasis on details but really cares to understand your needs and is skilled enough to make the right decisions for your benefit. On a personal note, my experience with the El Dabe Law Firm has helped me through various accident cases and advised me on the proper and legal actions I need to take as well as help solve my cases with speed and efficiency. It is great to really feel that I am always taken care of with any future legal matters I become involved in and will answer my questions in a friendly, professional and intelligent way – and get results. Dealing with any legal matter is something that can be quite complicated and the El Dabe Law Firm makes sure that the process is as smooth as possible for all parties involved. I recommend this Law Firm for anyone who wants Excellent representation from a intelligent team of people who will go the extra mile to make sure additional help and beneficial results happen.

Paula B., Los Angeles

El Dabe Law Firm is headed by Edmond El Dabe, a lawyer with unparalleled legal acumen.

Mr. El Dabe represented me in a legal matter that was resolved favorably due to his skill, experience and instincts. There are many lawyers to choose from, but if you are looking for one that blends experience, dedication and great communication skills, look no further.

Mig O., Los Angeles

Without Edmond and his team I would have been in big financial trouble after an accident for which I was not responsible. Edmond went well beyond what most lawyers do to support their customers, and he did not hesitate a second to provide additional help and advice even though the case had been closed months earlier. I highly recommend him.

David T., Long Beach

I was in an auto accident 2 years ago, and Edmond represented me. His firm is competent, compassionate, and I felt I was in the best hands. If you need an attorney for personal injury, look no further!

Dians L., Mammoth Lakes

I was wrongfully terminated due to my pregnancy, and not knowing where to turn, I asked Edmond for advice. Even though his firm doesn’t handle employment law, he was still able to point me in the right direction. He gave me several lawyers in my area to contact. I know for future reference if I ever need an attorney for personal injury, I will definitely call the El Dabe Law Firm!

Avelene S., Los Angeles

I have a lot of experience with the El Dabe Law Firm from my work as a DUI Defense Lawyer in Orange County, and can say that they are professional, know the law, and offer great service. Highly recommended.

Robert M., Corona Del Mar

After my accident I called a lot of lawyers, but Edmond really stood out. When I went to his office, he and his staff were very professional. Anytime I was worried about something, Edmond helped answer my concerns. Highly recommended!!!!!

-Geno S., Los Angeles

I have a lot of experience with the El Dabe Law Firm from my work as a DUI Defense Lawyer in Orange County, and can say that they are professional, know the law, and offer great service. Highly recommended.

-Robert M., Orange County

I’ve had a couple of accidents in my life – some were minor – and one in particular was major. The El Dabe Law firm was professional and always communicated with me. They followed up in a timely manner and were very helpful, directing me to the proper protocol and helped me through the procedures. Highly recommended.

-Paula B., Culver City

The El Dabe Law Firm of Huntington Beach – there is no other personal injury firm on the planet that combines the commitment to excellence, the knowledge of the law, aggressive representation, savvy negotiation skills, and the personal service to its clients. This firm is the best of the best!

-Richard W., Long Beach

I had a motorcycle accident, luckily I’m still alive, this was my first major accident, Tim and Mark at El Dabe walked me through every step and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. Well saying that im happy would me a huge understatement, theres no doubt in my mind that they are the best in there field!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

-Adam S., Los Angeles

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