Friday , 14 December 2018
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Chemical Burns and Industrial Accidents

Injury Law Central knows that any kind of burn is of great concern. Chemical burns often occur in the context of workplace accidents. Chemical fabrication, mining, medicine, and most commonly auto repair are examples of work environments that are conducive to chemical burn injuries.

Chemical burns can result from contact with acids, strong alkali, and industrial chemicals such as silver nitrate, hydrochloric acid, lye, and lime. Injury Law Central also warns that ordinary products around the house are of concern. Household chemicals such as drain openers and lawn fertilizer are sometimes implicated in chemical burn injury accidents. Thing that people generally never think about, like exposure to dry cement or gasoline, may result in chemical burn injuries.

Chemical burns are very painful. The El Dabe Law Firm knows that many chemical burns victims suffer extensive tissue and systemic damage. Chemical burns are classified, as are other burn injuries, as first, second, or third degree burns. To treat chemical burns, health care professionals recommend immediate irrigation of the burn site with water, to end the exposure of flesh to chemical agents. In severe cases, dialysis, surgery, and skin grafting may be necessary. The reader already sees that there can be extensive damage and long, painful treatment with possible scars – both physical and psychological.

Injury Law Central has cultivated working relationships with top renowned experts who understand  burn injury victims. The El Dabe Law Firm knows experts who identify the “root-cause” of the burn producing event, such as thermal sources, electrocution, automobile accidents and/or flammable clothing…all of which can be seen as chemical burn related. These experts work with the El Dabe Law Firm Lawyers and healthcare providers   to pursue medical and legal remedies for chemical burn injury victims.

Have you or a loved one been injured due to burns from chemicals or other sources? Immediately Contact the attorneys at the El Dabe Law Firm to request an attorney’s thoughtful evaluation of your accident or chemical fire burn injury case.

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