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Bicyclist Pascual Vega Jr. Dies After Being Struck By Pick-Up Truck

RIVERSIDE COUNTY (August 23, 2013) – Pascual Vega Jr. was struck and killed by a car Friday evening.  The collision happened on Menifee Road, north of Long Road in Nuevo City.  The time of the accident was at 8:30 p.m.  Vega Jr. was declared dead at the scene from the blunt force trauma.

Stretch of Menifee Road near site of collision

Stretch of Menifee Road near site of collision

It is not clear if the driver of the pick-up that struck him stayed at the scene to render aid.  Riverside CHP is investigating this deadly collision and have not released any information regarding the driver.

Sadly, accidents like this happen all too often.  Drivers should remember to share the road with lower profile bicycle riders and give them around three feet of space when passing.


  1. This was just a few feet from our driveway.
    This is the second fatality I've seen on Menifee Road. This road is very dark at night maybe change speed limit to 45 or put a few street lights up. My heart goes out to the family.

  2. street lights?

  3. You know were rural and I don't think money will be spent on street lights even if it will save lives. It was so sad we could see the whole thing from our front yard.

  4. Dana Palmer did the bicyclist have lights on his bike? I have been riding in and around Nuevo for the last 22 years and I avoid that stretch of road. There is not any wiggle room, no shoulder whatsoever and cars travel very fast on that stretch. Condolences to the family.

  5. Steve B. – I'm not sure if Mr. Vega had lights on his bike or not. We live on Menifee Road just a few feet from where the accident happened and I never did see the bike. We originally thought Mr. Vega was walking along Menifee Road when he was struck but later found out that Mr. Vega was riding his bike along Menifee Road. If I didn't live on this road I would avoid it as well.

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