Tuesday , 19 March 2019
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Bicycle Accidents

Increasingly, bikes are everywhere. Bicycles are the chosen mode of transportation for many individuals in California. In many cities their popularity is so great that special bike lanes set aside part of the roadway exclusively for cyclists.

Whether it’s for leisure, exercise, to save gas, avoid traffic, or to simply get from point A to point B, bicycles provide a great option for those who want to cut down on pollution and resource usage. In Orange County’s busy world, bicyclists share the roads with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This can make cycling very dangerous. Even with bike lanes and right of way laws, many motor vehicle drivers are careless and even reckless around bicycles. Because bicycles are fast, fragile and inconspicuous by comparison with motor vehicles, some drivers have a hard time noticing them. Every year many cyclists are involved in serious crashes with vehicles as a result.

Every year in the United States, half a million bicyclists are treated for injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. Injury Law Central notes that many of these accidents result from negligent vehicle drivers, and at El Dabe Law Firm we make it our goal to hold these negligent drivers responsible for their actions. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries in a bicycle accident and you believe another person to be responsible, you should immediately consult with an Orange County personal injury lawyer at our firm.

Experienced Orange County Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Injury Law Central notes any bicycle accident could potentially result in serious injuries; damage that could affect a person for the rest of their life. Similar to motorcycle accidents, bicycle accident victims have very little to protect them during a crash. After impact with a vehicle, there really isn’t much guarding a cyclist from the possible crushing force of other vehicles, pavement, curbs, trees, and mailboxes. People who are involved in bicycle accidents tend to suffer from broken bones, head trauma, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, crushed limbs, and road rash. Serious injuries can entail costly medical procedures, therapy, and perhaps even long-term care from a medical professional. Permanent disability and even death may result from a minor collision. A bicycle accident attorney from El Dabe Law Firm will take control of your case and situation to make sure you receive the medical attention needed and fair compensation to pay for expenses resulting from your bicycle accident injuries.

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