Wednesday , 23 January 2019
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Amusement Ride Accidents

We all love amusements. All of us here at Injury Law Central enjoy the fun of theme parks, carnivals, county fairs and other events hosting rides and attractions. However, there is a dark side. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission estimates that the number of serious injuries on amusement park rides that warrant a trip to the emergency room have risen to almost 5,000 incidents annually.

The Amusement Park Ride Injury experts at the El Dabe Law Firm are keenly aware of  several factors at fault in the amusement park accidents:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Operator behavior
  • Mechanical failure
  • Design defects or limitations.

It seems simple, but Injury Law Central knows that Amusement Park Ride Injuries are far more sophisticated than the rides themselves. Liability for amusement park accidents and theme park injuries involves three different types of law – negligence or tort law, product liability law and premises liability law. These laws are quite complex and require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer with experience handling amusement park accident injury cases. You have come to the right place. The El Dabe Law Firm are experts at Amusement Park Ride Injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an amusement park ride accident Contact Us Immediately at the El Dabe Law Firm.

Keep in mind that not all injuries at Theme Parks, County Fairs and Carnivals occur on the rides. A full 46% of injuries occur aside from the rides, usually slip and fall injuries.

Are rides safe? They generally are in the permanent amusement parks. In 2011, approximately 290 million guests visited U.S. amusement facilities and safely enjoyed 1.7 billion rides. An estimated 1,207 ride related injuries occurred in 2011. Only 59 of the injuries in 2011 were reported as “serious,” meaning they required some form of overnight treatment at a hospital; this comprised only 5 percent of all ride injuries.

However, if it happens to you, it is not a minor situation. Call the experts at El Dabe Law Firm immediately if you are injured at an amusement park or event.

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